Purpose Behind The Name

Hello friends! Thanks for joining me again. In the first blog I shared about the heartbeat of Asulon Collective. Today, I wanted to expound a little further on the purpose of the name “Asulon Collective” as well as share a couple next steps.

Asulon Collective is not just about an individual, or even the coffee shop down the line, but it is more about a group of people coming together to be and experience refuge.

The Asulon Collective came from this idea of a group of people acting together as one.

The Asulon Collective is a refuge for everyone from all nations.

You may be wondering how you can be a part of this journey?

Firstly, I want to welcome you to the adventure! It is organically unfolding, which is beautiful and oh so vulnerable.

What’s the foreseeable plan you ask?

Well what happens when you throw a pebble into the water? A ripple effect. The concept is the same. It’s about picking up the small pebble, having the courage to throw it into the water, and then over time the impact is felt further out. I can’t do everything, but I can do something. To me, one person is worth it. Numbers don’t make this successful, people’s lives being impacted does. Really seeing people, listening to them, and authentically experiencing their presence. I’m trusting that as I take one step at a time, while remaining open handed that I will ultimately end up exactly right where I’m supposed to be.

I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, which is vulnerable, especially for someone who likes to know the plan. Over the last several years though, I have experienced peace in the midst of unknowns. Plans are good, but I have learned adaptability is necessary. I have also learned there’s so beauty in the process. These lessons don’t mean this is easy for me – I’m fighting natural tendencies, but I do know it’s worth taking the risk. This is an invitation for you to join me in the process, to learn alongside me, and to also risk.

What does this look life?

I want to begin being a collector of every day stories to share with the world where others have been a refuge and are experiencing refuge. Whatever your story is, it is important and it is worth sharing. I want to be a champion, celebrator, and connecter; building “Asulon” relationships along the way!

I will continue writing to share “Asulon” inspiration, feature special guests to highlight their stories, connect, compel to action and share updates with you all on where I am on this developing journey.

My hope is that this goes beyond consuming more online content to fostering real connection in this space. My hope is to inspire you to be a refuge in your every day life and to share your stories of experiencing refuge.

This does not come from a desire to be trendy either, but rather create authentic momentum, inspire movement, and compel to action. Through creating space for open dialogue, we can build trust, enhance connections, learn from one another, and grow together.

Want to connect or have an “Asulon” story you want to share? Make sure to check out the contact page!

Edited by: Alida Cassinari

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