Adventure Awaits: Awakening to Possibility

Close your eyes for a moment. Get quiet. Silence your phone.

Ponder and ask yourself – do I mostly dwell on what’s possible or what seems impossible to me?

Answer honestly and write it out if you need to.

Emily Dickinson said once to “dwell in possibility.”

Living out that quote requires a measure of vulnerability…and a good heaping dose of hope. To dwell in possibility requires not just an openness, but also expectancy. These things may seem impossible for you – they may feel far off, but they aren’t unobtainable; it’s absolutely possible for you to live every day to its fullest.

Living in this space can be so adventurous: imagine starting each day with that child-like wonder and anticipation – expecting that new opportunities and experiences await you!

While living open to possibilities, engaging a spirit of exploration, and choosing curiosity for what could be, one becomes compelled towards action. Yet, taking action can also be frightening. Cue more courage needed to proceed.

Living each day with the awareness that we are meant to be connected with one another, takes us on a thrilling adventure, compels us to action and provides a sense of belonging.

These important relationships must remain as the basis of our awakening to possibility. Fear can rear its ugly head, but as questions come up and doubt creeps in… remembering possibility and being anchored in community is a beautiful “landing spot” to always circle back to. To “dwell” in possibility is to remain… to abide in hopeful anticipation that anything can happen – at any time!

Sometimes in life we experience disappointment, setbacks, and pain. Disappointment can often lead to discouragement, but finding healthy ways to work through the disappointment is so crucial. Mindset plays such a role in this! Despite what you may have faced, you are not limited; great possibilities lie ahead! Continuing to remain open and hopeful (while surrounding yourself with those who will stoke that fire) and fighting to retain this mindset is certainly contagious!

Keep these safe people around you; trusted friends or family who can support you and journey forward with you. Then, be the same safe space for those in your life.

Being a place of refuge can be so significant to someone; you can truly help bolster someone ahead.

You can listen to someone process through their potential fears to then watch them decide they are going to push through them irregardless. When you come across these people – nurture those relationships, communicate how valuable they are to you, express your gratitude and celebrate them constantly!

Asulon Collective launched last November and the last several months have been initially vision-casting with a lot of planning behind the scenes. It’s been a delicate balance of waiting and moving; resting and planning. I’ve been learning a lot about all of the above mentioned. 

However, on this journey, I’ve found myself experiencing the very things I hope for people to one day experience in the coffee shop; divine intersections, significant conversations, dynamic connections and impactful encounters. This has been happening for almost 8 years now too. This excites me, because every step of the way I am being continually challenged to expand what I think is possible and have an invitation to dwell in possibility. Sure, I’ve had a ton of questions and still do, but those questions are some of the best motivators. And those motivators lead to more momentum. 

As I am being compelled forward Asulon Collective will be entering a transition period as more action steps are being taken. The blog will be paused for a time as other aspects are in the works, but I’d love to stay connected with you and continue to journey together into this next phase. As always, you can reach out at the contact page, connect on social media or send a direct email too! There will be more developments and announcements to come in due time.

For now, I’ll share once again that a major aspect of the vision for Asulon Collective is to develop into a coffee shop; where the doors are open and all are welcomed in. A physical space that gathers you all together; a space where an authentic community makes an impact. ⁠A place that feels like home to you and to those who do not have one. ⁠Where you find rest and friendship and where needs are met.

⁠This journey is more than just sharing a good cup of coffee, but in creating a sacred space by connecting communities through coffee conversations. ⁠This is a collective where we can experience “Asulon” ourselves and extend the same spirit of refuge to others.

Be sure to stay in touch and stay tuned for more coming on the next step in this vision! I am so grateful for all the lessons being learned during this process. I love connecting with all of you and cannot wait to continue journeying together!

Some questions to consider as you hold space for possibility:

Who or what am I focused on in life? Remember how crucial mindset is. 

What do I mostly dwell on- what seems impossible or what’s actually possible?

Who do I surround myself with? Who is someone I can reach out to today to connect with?

What’s one new thing I can do every day to help awaken the child-like wonder again in my life?

What limitations have I accepted or have others misplaced on me?

What step can I take to courageously move forward through my fears or past experiences?

How can I help contagiously spread hope this week?

How can I nurture the relationships in my life? What can I communicate to them about their value and to express my gratitude for them? Who can I celebrate today?

Edited by: Alida Cassinari@hacassinari
Photo Credit: Sierra Clemons, @sieclms

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