A More Connected Christmas and New Year

A holiday reflection and an expression of hope for your 2024!

Disconnect to connect. What a paradox. I disconnected as much as I could from social media the last couple weeks to feel more connected to those around me during this holiday season. 

The presence we carry can be such a gift especially when we actively choose to be present. Despite best intentions, we can fall short from actually receiving this beautiful gift.

A continual question to revisit and ponder is “how do we become more present and remain connected?” Here are a couple personal reflections, hopes and intentional questions to consider.

Awareness can be found in solitude and allows us to refill. 

It’s been a significant year both personally and with this wonderful small business. Change and growth brought new challenges and lots of excitement! After such a full year, amongst the noise and hustle, I found myself craving a slower pace and moments of silence. 

Solitude presents its own gift if we dare to enter courageously. It can clear out distractions and allows awareness to grow. I reflect and remember the previously written phrase in the first blog, “Refuge brings rest. A rest where you can exhale, let your guard down and refill.

We can experience a sense of refuge in places we feel safe.

Question to consider: Where is a physical place nearby you can establish a new life rhythm to refill?

For me, I have a specific chair in the living room where I like to start my morning (unless of course I’m up early to serve with the coffee cart.) I choose a mug for that day, make coffee (lately it’s been a cortado), light a candle, and have a few moments of silence. Silencing the phone is always helpful too.

May we create more space for restful moments this next year to refill over a cozy cup of coffee.

Another personal reflection question: “How am I finding rest in this season?”

Asulon Collective conversation cards.

Intentional conversations aid in cultivating connection.

As we refill, we have capacity to bring our fully present selves into the world not only engage with others, but also cultivate connection. Discovering a few people who can be a safe place can be a journey, but a worthwhile one. 

Question to consider: Who are one or two people in your life who are peaceful and you’d want to establish a new routine with this year?

Getting outside and walking together is a great way to do this… or of course connecting over coffee! 🙂 Consistent coffee conversations can be such a grounding routine to develop deeper relationship.

Another personal reflection question: “How do you feel most connected to others?”

Whoever you reach out to and however you feel most connected to others, I hope you experience a sense of belonging. I hope as we engage in conversations throughout the new year with one another that we intentionally foster deeper connections to build stronger friendships, communities, and families. 

I believe that as we experience this, we can collectively extend that same sense of refuge towards others. There are new experiences on the horizon and I hope Asulon Collective continues to a place where you can find moments of rest, connection and refuge.

Cheers to you, wrapping up 2023 and a new year!



We’d love to have the opportunity to partner with you and serve your community. Book the coffee cart and be on the lookout for new experiences coming 2024!

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Photo Credit: Marissa Roberts Photography

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